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Thank You For Your DIY Newsletter Purchase

We need a few things from you to set up your DIY Newsletter account and implement things as quickly as possible.

1. A GetResponse account is necessary to send your newsletters.

You may sign up with GetResponse with this link: ~Link-55256~. Choose the correct plan based on the size of your email list. We recommend starting with the Email Marketing 1,000 contacts list size. (We recommend you choose your most recent 500 agents and 500 prior clients and build from there.)

2. We recommend Digital Stationery for branding purposes and for aesthetics on your newsletters.

It isn’t mandatory, but you will receive many benefits from having a branded email template and you can use your Digital Stationery in your newsletters and company emails. Sign up with this link: If you decide not to go with Digital Stationery, we’ll create a branded template that will make you look professional.

3. Please attach a file of your logo.

4. We need 2 .CSV files for your email lists:

1-for your agents – First Name and Email Only 1-for your prior clients – First Name and Email Only. We recommend 500 of your most recent agents on the list and 500 of your most recent prior clients on the list. First name and Email Address only. (Include your first name and email address in these 2 lists so you will receive a copy of the newsletter as well.)

In summary, please reply to this email with these details:

  1. Tell us your GetResponse Username and Password
  2. Attach your Digital Stationary HTML Code (if you’re going to use Digital Stationery otherwise, we can set up a branded template)
  3. Attach your logo
  4. Attach your email lists in .csv format: 1 for your most recent 3-6 months of agents and 1 for your most recent 3-6 months of prior clients
  5. Tell us the best phone number to contact you
  6. Add us as an Admin on your Website Dashboard using: Beth Compton with PW: premiumnewsletter2023
  7. Add Us as a Manager of your YouTube Channel using: Beth Compton with PW: Newsletter@2024! Here are instructions on how to add us as a Manager – Adding Digital Products For Home Inspectors as a YouTube Manager Replying to this message will create a ticket that goes straight to the Newsletter Department so that you will get our 5-Star service. At that time, we will set you up an account in our ActiveCollab Client Portal and invite you to the portal. Please watch for this email invitation, accept it, and add it to your favorites for easy access. All future correspondence will be in the ActiveCollab program. If you have any questions, please let us know.
Your Digital Products For Home Inspectors Team